Skin Care Tips for Teen Athletes

As if being a teenager wasn’t taxing enough on the skin, training and playing can take a terrible toll on the skin if you are not careful. If you are concerned that your Mustang’s skin problems are turning into an issue, we have some expert tips for you:

  • How often should the skin be cleansed?

Before going to bed is the best time for anyone to clean their face, but an athlete should also be cleansing their face every time it gets sweaty or dirty. So for a Mustang that means after every practice or game.

  • How often should exfoliate be used?

Chemical exfoliates have their place, and can be used by a teenager once a week to help combat acne. More than that and it starts to dry the skin, which makes the face just as prone to breakouts as oily skin. What you can use with each cleanse is a konjac sponge. These cleansing products from Japan are able to remove dirt and oil deep inside of the pores yet don’t do any damage to the teenagers delicate skin. And they’re natural, so you can convince pretty much anyone of their benefits – send people to this site to learn more about the natural way!

  • Are there over the counter products that are good for preventing acne?

A moisturizing gel based product that contains benzoyl peroxide is one of the best products available to help prevent break-outs of acne.

  • Are there any foods to avoid to help a young athlete keep his face clear?

Avoid starchy foods and foods with a high sugar content. These have been known to contribute to acne.

  • Should he be using a special soap when he washes his face?

For regulation prevention, a mild soap, the konjac sponge and a once a week exfoliation should be sufficient. When you see signs that a break out is impending, switch up from the mild soap to one that contains benzoyl peroxide and other acne fighting ingredients.

  • It seems as if the football players at school have more facial skin issues than other athletes, is there a reason for this?

The constant use of a helmet is contributing to the football player’s skin problems. The face portion needs to be kept continuously clean using soap and water after every game or practice. You should consider changing it for a new one if it is particularly dirty on the inside.


For teenaged athletes, taking care of the skin comes down to promoting self esteem. You want your Mustang to feel confident both on and off the football field, and helping them to keep their skin clean is one of the ways you can do that.


Should Your Mustangs’ Beard Be Stressing You Out?

High school is an interesting time for parents, as kids start relying more on friends and making independent decisions about their life, future and appearance. This is also a normal time for some rebellion. Since you Mustang is likely a serious athlete, you are lucky in that most of his rebellious behaviors will not be life threatening. One change many parents notice is an interest in growing a beard.

Should you discourage this? There is really no need to. The best you should do is show support by offering beard grooming tips and a jar of beard balm. The beard grooming tips are to ensure that he knows how to style the beard, and the beard balm to keep it healthy.

Worried about how a beard will affect his future in football? Ease those fears with a look at the stats of some famous beard sporting NFL players:

  • The Broncos’ Tim Tebow has been known to go from a full on beard to just a bit of stubble around the chin. This constant change in style is much like his unconventional plays on the field.
  • The 49ers’ Braylon Edwards has one of the neatest beards in the NFL. If your football playing son is not sure of a style, give him his beard grooming tips based on this one. Sideburns, mustache and beard all connect with perfect precision.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills is the epitome of rugged beard that depends on beard balm. The light colored hair on his face actually blends right in unless you are up close to him and can see it slowly creeping down his neck.
  • It doesn’t seem like Ed Reed of the Ravens is shaving anything, let alone grooming his full facial beard and lathering it in beard balm. He seems to love the look though and has been sporting it on the field for years.
  • Steer your son clear of the Cheifs’ Todd Haley, and his grow as you will approach to a beard. The guy may know how to put the right spin on a football, but he still has no appreciation for beard balm or a beard trimmer for that matter.
  • The complete opposite can be said for the Colts’ center Jeff Saturday and his impeccably groomed beard on his baby face. That same precision he puts into a play shows in every whisker on his face.
  • beardfootball

When it comes right down to it, your high school aged son and his beard are the least of your worries. It is a phase, that can easily be removed. Just thank your lucky footballs that he hasn’t opted for a tattoo.

Can a Portable Infrared Sauna Benefit an Arena Football Player?

Massage therapists around the world have begun using infrared sauna as a part of their treatment plans for athletes suffering from muscle pain and minor injury. This type of advanced therapy is effective at reducing toxins in the body, healing sore muscles, increased circulation and relieving joint pain. And now, it may be possible for an Arena football player to get these benefits a home. Just make sure that you read all the reviews before you buy.

An infrared sauna is a non-invasive and drug free method of light therapy. It works by penetrating the skin as many as three inches and heating the underlying muscle. The benefits are endless. On top of eliminating toxins, infrared saunas can help with weight loss, reduce stress and boost the immune system.

Unlike the air and steam saunas found in most spas and gyms, the heaters inside of the infrared sauna use radiant heat that is absorbed by the body. Oddly, the air around it does not significantly rise, making for a relaxing environment. This also means that making individual portable infrared saunas is a possibility.

How Can this Benefit an Arena Football Player?

Arena football as you know is a rough contact sport that leaves players feeling like they were hit by a truck. Having the infrared sauna readily available gives them the perfect way to relax and soothe those sore muscles after a game or practice. And being portable you can put it anywhere you want so long as it reaches an electrical outlet.

portable-infrared-sauna-40061How to Use the Infrared Sauna

Ideally you want your body to be in a relaxed state when you enter your personal infrared sauna. Allow a cool down time of at least an hour after the exertion. During that time consume at least eight ounces of water.

When you first start using the portable sauna, it should be done in short increments of 10 to 15 minutes. As time goes by and you get used to the sauna you can increase the time to up to 45 minutes, but no longer than that.

Since the detoxifying benefit of the infrared sauna works best when your body is at rest, you should never enter the sauna immediately following a work out or game.

When finished, you should drink at least one more glass of water before showering off. Some people find that it is helpful to also add essential oils to the sauna to promote muscle healing. Try eucalyptus or jasmine if this interests you.

Arena football is not a sport for the weak, but the portable infrared sauna can help at keeping your body strong. Check some reviews to find the right one for you and start enjoying those benefits today.

What Type of Helmet Should an Arena Football Player be Wearing? – and Other Important Questions about Helmet Safety

For years, there has been some debate over helmet use in football. While one side of the fence believes them not to be necessary you have on the far other side those who believe they are not built well enough. We won’t speak for all players, but when it comes to Arena football and kids who play any type of football, it is our humble opinion that helmets are a must.

Here are some questions we have been asked, and our opinion on what the right answer is:

When Should a Child Upgrade to an Adult Helmet?

It really does depend on the size, but you should start checking at around age 12. One of the major differences is in the material used. Children’s helmets are not designed to withstand the force that larger players exert.


How do You Size a Football Helmet?

A football helmet is sized in the same way that motorcycle helmets for children are. Using a cloth measuring tape, measure the circumference of the head at its widest point. Football helmets are sized the same as a motorcycle helmet is, so you can use this measurement if you are also in need of buying your child a motorcycle helmet.

Should Arena Players Wear a Football Helmet?

The way in which the sport is played, and the arena itself, do require the protection of a helmet. Concussions are common injuries in football players, and when you add the element of a walled in stadium, that risk grows.

What Features in a Football Helmet Should I Be Looking For?

A proper football helmet has a sturdy outer shell, padding on the inside, a face mask, chin strap and liner. Very much the same as a motorcycle helmet with the exception of the face mask (and without the technology like bluetooth, though this is coming), helmets are ranked by the materials used rather than the features. For example, Arai Motorcycle helmets repeatedly do well in customer ratings because of their ability to provide maximum protection but still be comfortable. This is the feature you should be considering in a football helmet.

How Do I Know if the Helmet Fits Right?

The best helmet on the market will be no match for a large linebacker if it does not fit right. With the chin strap adjusted, there should be no space between the temples and the inner lining of the helmet. You should also ensure that the helmet can not be slid off of the head.

This is provided as a guide only. The best thing you can do to protect yours or your child’s head when playing football is to have them fitted professionally at a sports store which specializes in helmets. There should never be any excuse why a young person enters a football field without the proper head protection.


So How Did Kiss Do For Their First Season and What Happened to their Quarterbacks?

Hard rock legends KISS bought their first arena football franchise last year, just in time to take part in the 2014 season. The exposure it brought to the sport has helped to solidify Arena Football as a professional game worthy of recognition.

First Take a Look at the Numbers

For their first season, the Los Angeles Kiss kicked butt in terms of dollars. They fell in second place overall for attendance, just behind the popular Tampa Bay. The grand total for home games was 98,505 fans, which averaged out to be almost 11,000 per game.

Of course a large part of the draw for the KISS team was the spectacle. Each game was treated like a mini rock concert, which brought in a whole new breed of arena football fans. This is fantastic news for the franchise, and the league, as it pushes the sport further into the limelight.

Game Stats

The numbers for the games were not nearly as good as attendance. The Los Angeles Kiss only won 3 games, making them finish the season at 3-15, and earning them a spot in the championship. This is not unusual for a new team, especially one that has still not secured defensive or offensive coaches. Head coach Bob McMillen ran the team alone last season, and really needs to ask his team of rock star bosses for some help.

Kenny Guiton

The off season for KISS did not deter the Ohio State Alum from being lured into the NFL. After just one season as the teams quarterback, Kenny Guiton is courting an offer from the Buffalo Bills. The KISS franchise was very excited about bringing the quick footed quarterback aboard, and will likely be mourning his loss.

Born in Texas, Guiton only started in two of his Ohio games, but caught the eye of many teams for his speed and agility. His youth, fun personality and eternal hint of a five o’clock shadow made him a perfect candidate for the off the wall KISS team. Maybe if Gene and crew buy him a beard trimmer from for that shadow he’ll consider leaving the Bulls behind.


J.J. Raternik

Their second quarterback, J.J. Raternik also seems to be jumping ship for next season. The highly anticipated Las Vegas Outlaws made Raternik, along with Donovan Morgan, the first team members on their 2015 roster. As one of the first professional sports teams to come out of Vegas, this was a smart move for both of these guys professionally.

The Kiss guys better put the guitars down and start getting it together for next season. You can’t play football without a quarterback, just like you can’t rock and roll without a bass. If they have any hope of bringing their game numbers up they need to start getting serious about the sport.

Online Arena Football Sites and Games

If you are new to Arena Football and trying to find out more information, make a bet, or just play the game for yourself online, you are in luck. As the popularity if the sport has grown, so have the opportunities online to make it a part of your daily life.

Streaming Games

The AFL has begun to allow free streaming of its games. This means that if you don’t have access to the few sports channels that show them live, you can do just that from your computer. With the right hookup and cables, you could even pass the game onto your big screen and make a party of watching the action unfold with your friends.

Online Coverage

If you don’t have the capacity for streaming, you can still get great online coverage from sports enthusiasts who are experts in the game and can give great play by play commentary. Practice this yourself with the microphone you use for your online singing classes and see if you can give that same great commentary. Those headphones and microphone you have for learning how to sing alone can come in handy for a lot of other types of voice projection projects.

Video Games

There has been an influx online video games for Arena Football since it has started to gain popularity. You can team up with players from around the world and play your own championship games right from your couch. The graphics are amazingly realistic as are the sound effects. During the off season, this is a great way to still get your fill of Arena Football.


Online Betting

Just like with all other major sports, the sports betting world has opened its coffers to Arena Football. Find all the stats you need online and then choose your favorite team to win. It is structured in the same way as typical football, with spreads and winning teams making it easy to learn how to place your bet.


There is a world of information online about the teams, their players and their practice and game schedules. Arena Football has made a huge comeback in the last few years, and the number of sites catering to it shows. If you are a die hard fan of one team, you will have no problem in finding out everything you need to now, updated regularly.

If you love the sport of Arena Football, than try and take a more active part in its growth. The more attention it gets now, the more likely it will continue to grow in popularity. In between your online singing classes found over at, cruise the internet and find new ways to show support for the new best sport.


How Much is Too Much When it Comes to Working Out for Arena Football?

It is no secret that being a football player takes a great deal of strength and endurance. Triple that when it comes to the more intense arena football. This is a rougher sport than American football is, making being in shape all the more important.

Your typical arena football player needs to work all of his muscle groups and follow a training system like The Muscle Maximizer if he wants his training to be effective. To accomplish this, many have moved to cross fit training, a program used by body builders around the world. Cross fit was originally designed for training of police forces, but has turned into a global – get in shape – sensation.

Before you begin this type of training you will have to make sure you have the right diet to support it. Arena football necessitates strength, which means adding a variety of protein rich foods to the diet. This is done with lean cuts of meat, chicken, and fish. Eggs and tofu are also good sources of muscle building proteins.

As you start to shift your diet, you will naturally begin to lose weight. By filing up on lean proteins, your stomach stays full longer, helping you to avoid unhealthy snack foods. Once you start pairing your proteins with fresh vegetables, the extra fat is going to roll off and you will begin to see trim muscle taking its place.

Body Building Exercises

You may think that the area of focus for an arena football player is the muscles in the arms – for throwing- and the muscles in the legs. This is true to some extent, but it is more complex than this. All of the muscle groups must be worked on together in order to achieve a perfectly physically fit body.

Arm curls, push ups, and pull ups are all good for the arms. The pec deck is great for building shoulder and chest muscles and sit ups are the standard for abs. Legs are able to build muscle with weight lifting exercises.

2011 New Orleans Voodoo at the New Orleans Arena. Photo: Tyler Kaufman

Don’t forget to work on stamina building exercises as well. The rower or treadmill are good for this, as is a daily jog through the park. An arena football player can’t afford to run out of breath as he is running for the end zone.


In recent years, scientists have been finding that a number of natural products are effective at safely helping individuals lose weight and gain muscle. Find one that contains all safe and natural ingredients to help round out your diet for maximum results.

There is such a thing as working out too much, even for an arena football player. Make sure that you are also taking breaks in between your practices and workouts to give your muscles a chance to heal. If not, you can suffer from a debilitating sports injury.

Before beginning any change in diet and exercise, you should consult with your physician. They will advise you on your ideal body weight to give you something to work towards. The important thing to remember is not to over due it, but do it just right to get your body into arena football shape

Creative Ways to Spend Quality Time With Your MKE Mustang Player

Parents of football stars don’t get to spend too much time with their kids once the season starts. Between games, practice and the active social life of a high school student, you are lucky to get a five minute conversation in on the drive to school. And that’s assuming they aren’t driving themselves yet.

This is an important point in a teenaged boy’s life and one where you need to try and find ways to keep the lines of communication open. This may mean finding creative ways of one on one time where there is not too much other stuff going on to divert their attention.

Take a Walk

This may sound to easy, but there is nothing wrong with enlisting your son to help you walk the dog. Done right it may even prove to be something they look forward to. Stay clear of friend’s houses and popular hang outs for teens if you want to keep a healthy conversation going without interruption.

Watch a Movie

This may mean you having to endure a guts and blood flick, but it will be well worth it if you can find an interesting theme in the movie to talk about. Make it a date by ordering in a pizza and fixing a big bowl of popcorn. Don’t be obvious, but look for themes in the movie that may mirror his own life, and use that as a door to initiate healthy conversation. Being alone with you, without any pressures in friendly setting will encourage them to open up to you about what is happening in their life.

Find a Quiet Sport

The word sport will certainly peak the interest of a MKE Mustang. You just need to find one that encourages talking. Golf is good for this, especially as you walk from hole to hole. Archery, the ancient craft, is also a quiet sport where you will be given many opportunities to initiate a conversation. If they are unfamiliar with shooting a recurve bow and arrow, show even more commitment by buying them a recurve bow for beginners. Then take the time to show how them how to use it. This type of close activity, where you are assisting them with a new challenge helps to re-establish trust in your relationship.


Go Out To Eat

Football players love a good meal. Find a restaurant a bit out of town and ask them to join you for dinner for two. There is plenty of time here, from the drive to the restaurant to waiting for your meal to arrive, to get to know your growing teenager. When you do this, make sure that it is a restaurant that you know he will like, and let the sky be the limit on what he can order.

You are going to find out a lot about your child once you start spending some real quality time with them. Their friends and team mates may be the center of their world right now, but they need to know that they are always the center of yours.

The Holidays are just around the corner. What will your football player find under the tree this year?

Setting Up an Informal Practice Field For Arena Football

American footballer players have it easy if they want to play a quick game or need to practice. Any large field will do, so long as there are no big trees standing in the way. Arena football players have a rougher time of it. Even though their playing field is slightly smaller, it has the constraints of the sidewalls to keep them from going out of bounds. Something is lost in the strategy of the game when an arena football player suddenly has the freedom to run amok.

You may be able to overcome this by renting out an indoor stadium for your practices. The only problem here is that if it is not already designed for arena football, the turf won’t be right. A sport this rough cannot be played on a typical gym floor, no matter how tough the players think they are.

If an arena football stadium is not available to you and your team to practice, you are going to have to be creative about making one for yourselves.

The Dimensions

An arena football field is the same size as a hockey arena, 200 feet by 85. The end zones need to be 8 yards deep with a 9 foot wide goalpost with a crossbar that sits 15 feet above the ground. This is no easy feet to accomplish, especially when you consider that the whole thing has to be enclosed. But if you are willing to make a few compromises it is doable.

The most difficult aspect is those goalposts. You will most likely have to play that by eye in determining if the ball cleared them or not. Many national parks will have cleared fields of this size, just bring a couple of tape measures and start setting boundaries.

For the Not so Serious Players

arenaFor arena football players who just want to toss a ball around and practice plays, any open space will be fine. Many people even have yards that are large enough to make long passes in. The one problem with home practices are pets, especially dogs. Dogs get very excited about this type of play and can easily be tripped over or trampled if you and your fellow team mates are not careful.

If practice at home is going to be a regular event, invest in a a high quality, thoroughly reviewed fence like the petsafe stay and play. These are similar to wireless dog fences but confine your pet to a smaller space. Your dog still gets the thrill of being outside, but with no danger of him running out into the street after a missed catch.

As the popularity of arena football continues to grow, you are likely to see more facilities become available for practice. For now though you will have to make do with the open spaces around you to practice your defensive moves and work on those punts.

Tail Gate Party Tips For the Mustangs Thanksgiving Day Game

MKE Mustangs Football and turkey, what better way to spend Thanksgiving Day. This occasion is screaming for a tail gate party.  Forget about setting your table for Thanksgiving dinner this year and bring your best china to the football field.

Forget burgers and dogs, the MKE Mustang fans have voted and the survey says turkey is the only way to go. After last year’s victory, it’s “Go Big or Go Home” for tailgaters. So how the heck can this be pulled off? Especially if you want all those yummy sides to go with? With a turkey fryer of course.

Frying your turkey is actually a great way of preserving it juiciness while getting perfectly crisp skin. So long as you use a good frying oil, a fried turkey is just as healthy as a roasted one. Cooking time is normally 3 to 4 minutes per pound before reaching turkey perfection.

Tailgate PartyYou can fry your turkey at the game so long as you have an outlet for the turkey fryer. This is not traditional turkey cooking where you can just set it and forget it. Deep frying a turkey is quick, and you will need to periodically adjust the amount of propane you are sending to the burner to adjust for changes in the temperature of the frying oil. Because the turkey will be cooking and will be absorbing the oil’s heat, you will need to turn it down every now and then so the oil does not get too hot.

The best way to pull this off truck side is by pulling up a chair and a six pack to watch while the turkey cooks. This is going to take at least an hour or more, giving you a great excuse to get to the Mustangs game early. You could cook your turkey at home and make homemade turkey sandwiches for the Mk Mustangs tailgate party but there is no real fun in that.

The sides should be brought from home and heated up on a portable grill. Frying a turkey off the back of your truck is one thing, but mashing potatoes is a whole other story. Make your plans with some of the other MKE Mustang families so that everyone is in charge of just one or two things. Sharing with a big group will ensure that there are no leftovers for you to fight over. Leave that to the award winning guys on the field.

Just as important as the turkey for your tailgate party are the desserts. Make these hand sized to enjoy while watching our guys kick some Thanksgiving day butt. Use cupcake pans to make individual pumpkin and pecan pies. Think of all the bleacher fun you can have with those cans of whipped cream.

With the big Thanksgiving day game just around the corner, you need to get started on your planning now. Make your sides, grab your turkey fryer and get ready to see the MKE Mustangs get a start on winning the championship two years in a row.