Setting Up an Informal Practice Field For Arena Football

American footballer players have it easy if they want to play a quick game or need to practice. Any large field will do, so long as there are no big trees standing in the way. Arena football players have a rougher time of it. Even though their playing field is slightly smaller, it has the constraints of the sidewalls to keep them from going out of bounds. Something is lost in the strategy of the game when an arena football player suddenly has the freedom to run amok.

You may be able to overcome this by renting out an indoor stadium for your practices. The only problem here is that if it is not already designed for arena football, the turf won’t be right. A sport this rough cannot be played on a typical gym floor, no matter how tough the players think they are.

If an arena football stadium is not available to you and your team to practice, you are going to have to be creative about making one for yourselves.

The Dimensions

An arena football field is the same size as a hockey arena, 200 feet by 85. The end zones need to be 8 yards deep with a 9 foot wide goalpost with a crossbar that sits 15 feet above the ground. This is no easy feet to accomplish, especially when you consider that the whole thing has to be enclosed. But if you are willing to make a few compromises it is doable.

The most difficult aspect is those goalposts. You will most likely have to play that by eye in determining if the ball cleared them or not. Many national parks will have cleared fields of this size, just bring a couple of tape measures and start setting boundaries.

For the Not so Serious Players

arenaFor arena football players who just want to toss a ball around and practice plays, any open space will be fine. Many people even have yards that are large enough to make long passes in. The one problem with home practices are pets, especially dogs. Dogs get very excited about this type of play and can easily be tripped over or trampled if you and your fellow team mates are not careful.

If practice at home is going to be a regular event, invest in a a high quality, thoroughly reviewed fence like the petsafe stay and play. These are similar to wireless dog fences but confine your pet to a smaller space. Your dog still gets the thrill of being outside, but with no danger of him running out into the street after a missed catch.

As the popularity of arena football continues to grow, you are likely to see more facilities become available for practice. For now though you will have to make do with the open spaces around you to practice your defensive moves and work on those punts.

Tail Gate Party Tips For the Mustangs Thanksgiving Day Game

MKE Mustangs Football and turkey, what better way to spend Thanksgiving Day. This occasion is screaming for a tail gate party.  Forget about setting your table for Thanksgiving dinner this year and bring your best china to the football field.

Forget burgers and dogs, the MKE Mustang fans have voted and the survey says turkey is the only way to go. After last year’s victory, it’s “Go Big or Go Home” for tailgaters. So how the heck can this be pulled off? Especially if you want all those yummy sides to go with? With a turkey fryer of course.

Frying your turkey is actually a great way of preserving it juiciness while getting perfectly crisp skin. So long as you use a good frying oil, a fried turkey is just as healthy as a roasted one. Cooking time is normally 3 to 4 minutes per pound before reaching turkey perfection.

Tailgate PartyYou can fry your turkey at the game so long as you have an outlet for the turkey fryer. This is not traditional turkey cooking where you can just set it and forget it. Deep frying a turkey is quick, and you will need to periodically adjust the amount of propane you are sending to the burner to adjust for changes in the temperature of the frying oil. Because the turkey will be cooking and will be absorbing the oil’s heat, you will need to turn it down every now and then so the oil does not get too hot.

The best way to pull this off truck side is by pulling up a chair and a six pack to watch while the turkey cooks. This is going to take at least an hour or more, giving you a great excuse to get to the Mustangs game early. You could cook your turkey at home and make homemade turkey sandwiches for the Mk Mustangs tailgate party but there is no real fun in that.

The sides should be brought from home and heated up on a portable grill. Frying a turkey off the back of your truck is one thing, but mashing potatoes is a whole other story. Make your plans with some of the other MKE Mustang families so that everyone is in charge of just one or two things. Sharing with a big group will ensure that there are no leftovers for you to fight over. Leave that to the award winning guys on the field.

Just as important as the turkey for your tailgate party are the desserts. Make these hand sized to enjoy while watching our guys kick some Thanksgiving day butt. Use cupcake pans to make individual pumpkin and pecan pies. Think of all the bleacher fun you can have with those cans of whipped cream.

With the big Thanksgiving day game just around the corner, you need to get started on your planning now. Make your sides, grab your turkey fryer and get ready to see the MKE Mustangs get a start on winning the championship two years in a row.

What To Get Your Award Winning Mustang For The Holidays

The Mustangs had a great season and are getting pumped up to start another. There are a number of creative gifts you can get them for the upcoming holiday season that will show your pride for how well they are doing and help them to make the upcoming season a winning one.


Stuff your Mustangs stocking with tickets to a pro football game. This will be a big surprise and give him an opportunity to see how the big boys play. Or get Arena Football tickets if he likes to see how his sport is played in a different style. Don’t forget to add a little pocket money for drinks and dogs. This is a fantastic surprise for a young football player.

Traveling Gear

Even for away games that are only a day trip, your Mustang will need to pack a few essentials. Get him a sturdy duffle bag to pack his gear with a smaller bag for toiletries. Fill that with essentials like deodorant, an electric tooth brush (check out the best ones on, toothpaste (we recommend Colgate Total Advanced Deep Clean) and hair brush so that he doesn’t need to worry about bringing stuff from home.



This one may seem like a no-brainer, but what football player wouldn’t love to practice in the yard with a top of the line brand new football. If possible make it a collector’s item by having it signed by a player of his favorite arena or pro team. You might even be able to find one online that has already been signed.

New Gear

There are dozens of items here that you can choose from to get your Mustang decked out in new gear for the season. Cleats, helmet, and pads are all items that they go through fast and need replacing often. Make sure that they are ready to make the championship again by wrapping up brand new football gear for them.


You have to enrich the Mustangs mind too. There are a number of interesting books on their favorite subject that you can stuff their stocking with. This gives them an inspirational read while riding on the bus to away games. Show them how the game has evolved with The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis or give them an inside look at pro football with John Feinstein’s Next Man Up: A Year Behind the Lines in Todays NFL. Whatever you choose, your recipient is going to appreciate learning more about the sport he loves.

Dinner and a Movie

Even a mighty Mustang needs to take a break from time to time. Get him a gift certificate for dinner and a movie to help him unwind with his favorite cheerleader after practice. They don’t get much time to relax, so this type of gift will be especially appreciated.

It really is the thought that counts when it comes to giving a football player gifts for the holidays. By showing that you take their interests and hobbies seriously you prove that they are cared for and valued in your life.


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Mustangs Take State College Championship


In Friday nights home game, the Wisconsin State Mustangs won their first ever state championship title. The knuckle whitening 48-45 win over the Washington State marks that the end of an amazing season for the state college football team.

This is a proud moment for the Mustangs, as they have gone head to head with some fierce competition this past season and had to play two games in a row without their star running back due to an injury. The knee injury was the result of a near the end zone tackle as he was about to score a touchdown.

The school saw a record number of football related injuries this past year, as almost every player who saw game time also suffered some type of injury. This did not hold the Mustangs back though as this was their most game winning season in the history of football at the college.


The win is bittersweet for the Mustangs coach, who after years with the team has decided to retire his own Mustang jersey and retire from the college after having been an active member of the faculty for the last 35 years. It was his heart attack late last year and continued failing health that brought him to this heart wrenching decision.

Most Mustang fans contribute the teams season success and subsequent championship win with an overwhelming desire to ensure that the beloved coach ends his tenure with the Mustangs on high note.

The championship game just won was not without its share of drama. Washington State had the lead for most of the first quarter, but the Mustangs persevered and scored on 8 of their 9 possessions during the course of the game.

The turning point in the game was a botched Washington State punt that gave the Mustangs the ball on the ten yard line. After only two plays, the ball connected with the Mustangs star running back whose touchdown brought the score to a tie. With this momentum the Mustangs entered the second half of the game running and immediately took the lead with back to back drives.

A passing play was by far the crowning moment in the Mustangs game that had the running back making a 23 yard beeline for the end zone. Avoiding three tackle attempts along the way, this amazing play brought the fans to their feet as they cheered the player straight towards the touchdown.

mustangs win championship

The entire season was full of surprise passes and long catches, keeping the stands full of fans during the year. The Mustangs delivered in this championship game as well, bringing an amazing football season to an electrifying close.

As the majority of Mustang players this season, including the star running back and quarterback are only sophomores, the school and football fans are hopeful that next year will be just as rewarding as this one is. There is already buzz about some amazing local high school seniors joining next years roster, hopefully with the same championship winning attitude as was shown by this seasons Mustangs.

Does Arena Football Have Any Chance of Survival (and Growth)?

Arena_football_Kansas_City_wide_shotTake your average football field, cut it in half and put up sideboards. That’s your playing space for arena football, a close cousin to America’s most popular sport. The pace is faster then American Football, the scores higher, and injury imminent, but this exciting game which has been around for over 20 years has been increasing in popularity since its inception.

The legitimacy of Arena Football as a sport has been in question since it was first patented back in 1987. After a short hiatus in 2007, The Arena Football League (AFL) re-hit the artificial grass running in 2010 and hasn’t stopped yet.

The most obvious proof that Arena Football has found its footing is the interest it has received from pop culture celebrities. Rock singer Jon Bon Jovi was the owner of the Philadelphia Soul from 2004 to 2008 while his Motley Crue rival Vince Neil has interest in both the Jacksonville Sharks and Las Vegas Outlaws. Most recently, and with the most fanfare is the 2014 introduction of LA KISS, a Los Angeles based team owned by the iconic rock band KISS.

With every game opened to an electric guitar rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and half naked dancers hanging over the end zones, KISS has found a way to bring the aggressive sport into the mainstream. So much buzz has been created that AMC went ahead and based a reality series on the LA KISS, its eccentric owners, and their dabble into professional sports.

While some may see this as marketing gone awry, the attention to the team shows an overall interest in the sport and brings to light its vast differences from the more sedate American Football. LA KISS brings in an audience by making the sport entertaining to a wide variety of people. This type of marketing scheme will help to propel it forward and protect its future in the sporting industry.

This does not mean that Arena Football is not a legitimate sport. Quite the contrary. There have been a number of AFL players who have gone on to have successful NFL careers. Most well known is Kurt Warner, who spent two years in the AFL before moving on to the NFL where he had an award winning career, including quarterbacking the Rams 1999 season Super Bowl win.

For the 2014 season, both CBS Sports and ESPN have announced a broadcast schedule for AFL games. As interest in the games continues to grow, you can expect other major networks to follow that lead. So long as the league continues to grow and make a profit, its distinction as a professional sport will remain.

It’s the fast pace of the game and the excitement that it garners that is going to continue to propel Arena Football forward. Marketing schemes aside, this is a sport that requires speed and skill, just like any other. And the growing interest in it will continue to increase its popularity.


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